Here’s the Orlando Sentinel reporting on the Magic, who finished the season with a 23-59 record, the third worst in the NBA:

As crucial as the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery will be to the Orlando Magic’s rebuilding efforts — and, make no mistake, the lottery will be vital to the Magic — the team can’t do anything more to enhance its chances for the annual pingpong-ball drawing.

But there are several things the Magic can do to accelerate their rebuilding efforts.

One pertains to Maurice Harkless, Tobias Harris, Andrew Nicholson, Victor Oladipo, Kyle O’Quinn and Nik Vucevic. Simply put, those youngsters need to improve this offseason, and then those improvements need to translate onto the court in tangible ways during the 2014-15 season.

“I’m going to be working on a little bit of everything,” said Oladipo, a 6-foot-4 guard who just completed his rookie season.