As an international sports media superstar and the founder of, I understand the lifestyle of an NBA player. Each day I’m forced to hide from millions of adoring fans as I spend my day with a revolving door of supermodel girlfriends. The biggest challenge I had this week was choosing which of my 37 cars to give away to the Victoria’s Secrets model I just had to break up with due to simply not having enough time to fit her into my busy schedule.

(Actually, my job does provide tons of lifestyle perks, but, needless to say, the above is a SLIGHT exaggeration. For example, I only have 24 cars, not 37.)

With all that accurate stuff said, here’s a picture of the media frenzy in Beijing, China as reporters interviewed some Team USA players. Click this picture link.

What’s wild is, there were probably tons of other TV camera guys and reporters looking to join those giant hurdles who were simply unable to, or else those groups would have been way bigger.