Roy Hibbert interview in preparation for Heat-Pacers Game 3

roy hibbert

Here’s what Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert said to media at practice in between games 2 and 3 of the Pacers vs. Miami Heat Eastern Conference Finals series. Game 3 is Saturday night in Miami. The series is currently tied 1-1.

Question: Roy, the mentality this year as compared to last year, how has this been different compared to last year?

Roy Hibbert: We’re going in with more experience. We’re getting ready for two hard-fought battles.

Question: Why do you think you guys have been so good on the road? You’ve won like five straight. You’ve actually played better on the road than at home.

Hibbert: Just focus. We’re a tough team. It is what it is. Trying to get as many wins as possible when we get on the road.

Question: Are you guys more comfortable on this stage this year? It just seems like you guys are more relaxed.

Hibbert: We’re good.

Question: How about Paul, whether he’s going to play or not? How does that look?

Hibbert: I haven’t heard anything.

Question: Are you all prepared, if you have to go without 24?

Hibbert: Yes. The next man will step up.

Question: Does that mean more of Roy Hibbert, more baskets, more post‑up?

Hibbert: We’re a team. Whatever the team needs me to do, I’ll do.

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