Here’s New York Newsday with an update on the Knicks and their need for a new head coach:

Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher Knicks coaching discussion could happen soon

Phil Jackson can now speak to Derek Fisher about the Knicks’ coaching vacancy, and that conversation could happen soon.

Fisher, 39, the leading candidate to coach the Knicks, saw his season and perhaps his playing career come to an end with the Thunder’s overtime loss to the Spurs in Game 6 of the Western Conference finals late Saturday night. Fisher is leaning toward retirement and told reporters after the game that he would need a little time to regroup and decide what he wants to do.

Jackson wants Fisher to coach the Knicks. Fisher also could be a candidate for the opening with his former team, the Lakers. He expects to speak to both teams.

“There’ll be, I’m sure, conversations and talks at some point,” Fisher said. “But this is still pretty raw and pretty fresh, what just happened.