The AP reports: Clay Bennett’s ownership group has reached a final settlement with the city of Seattle, allowing the former SuperSonics franchise to move to Oklahoma City. Attorneys filed a document Tuesday in Seattle federal court noting that the parties had agreed to pay their own court costs after reaching the settlement. Bennett announced last month that a settlement was being negotiated that would involve him making a payment of up to $75 million to Seattle to get out of the final two years of a lease at KeyArena. At that time, he had expected the settlement to be finalized by Aug. 1. Instead, an extension was sought from the court and terms weren’t reached until now. editor says: I’d like to announce today that I have decided to sue the OKC team. I’m not sure why yet, but everyone else is, and being human I too sometimes feel an occasional need to fit in with the crowd.  But seriously, I’m still not sure about “Thunder” as a name, if that does turn out to be it. It’s cool enough. I can definitely live with it. And thunder is certainly an awe-inspiring thing. So, maybe it works. All names need time to grow on you. Fungus takes time to grow, too. So do beautiful trees, though. Wait, what was the question?