Here’s the Orlando Sentinel reporting on new Magic addition, Channing Frye:

channing frye

The Magic just didn’t pay for Channing Frye’s basketball services. They are paying him to run their daycare, too.

As any parent knows, finding the right person to watch your kids is money well spent.

You can’t put a price on the maturity and professionalism that Frye will bring to this NBA nursery, although the Magic figured it was worth about $32 million over four years.

You’d ask for the moon, too, to baby-sit this brood.

The Magic are so young and impressionable that they need chaperons and curfews. Top pick Aaron Gordon is 18, and they’ll surely award custody of him to Frye, 31.

Without question, they have turned their lockeroom over to Frye for the next four seasons — or however long he’s in Orlando.