Here’s the Miami Herald discussing the recent news that the Heat decided to re-sign guard Mario Chalmers:

Heat not ready to write off Mario Chalmers

LeBron James barked at Mario Chalmers for four years. Then, in the end, Chalmers was sent to the bench with James’ blessing.

In other words, you can count one guy, at least, who has already gotten over the news of James’ move back to Cleveland.

Chalmers is probably the only one, of course.

Heat president Pat Riley said all along that Chalmers would be back for next season, but there was a strong assumption that if James returned to the Heat, then Chalmers would be searching for another team. With James now long gone, the Heat announced officially on Monday that it had re-signed Chalmers. Reports put the deal at two years.

“It’s great to have Mario back,” Heat president Pat Riley said in a statement. “We’re happy that he wants to continue his career in Miami, he’s one of our core players, and I believe he will have a great season.”