Here’s the Miami Herald pondering the Heat loss of LeBron James in free agency:

Processing the Miami loss of LeBron

We felt rejected and dejected. We felt sorrow and shock. We felt disappointment and loss. We felt appreciation and anger. There was no right way for Heat fans to feel, no easy consensus when LeBron James announced Miami was just a temporary stop on his way back home.

More than a week later, there is still little agreement on what regard South Florida has or should have for LeBron. Some would throw him a parade. Others would throw him under a bus.

Do you feel fortunate for what you had? Or is the feeling closer to betrayal?

James’ departure, amicable on the surface, not so much underneath, was neither simple nor neat.

Is the man who famously took his talents to South Beach now welcome back in the arena he helped light up for four seasons? That will be the Litmus test, won’t it? His welcome back, or lack thereof. The NBA’s 2014-15 regular-season schedule will be released this week, and you’ll circle in red the first time LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers come to town. But are you sure what emotions you will bring?