Here’s the New York Post reporting on Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony. Note that in our opinion, the angle and lighting in the photo above probably exaggerates the amount of weight Melo lost. Sure, he got thinner, but the photo makes him look like a skinny teenager. Guess we’ll find out once training camp opens in September. Here’s the Post:

Carmelo Anthony took a $5 million pay cut on his new contract, but it appears he took a bigger cut in weight. According to an Anthony confidant, Anthony has done so in order to resemble his physique as a rookie with the Nuggets and to be more viable in Phil Jackson’s triangle offense.

A photo of Anthony this week on his Instagram showed what appeared to be a dramatic weight loss since the season ended. Anthony, who turned 30 on May 29, looks younger with the weight loss.

“He wants to be as athletic as he was when he was a rookie,’’ the confidant told The Post. “Plus he wants to be a facilitator in the triangle and speed will help that.’’