Patrick Ewing wants to be a head coach, still. This despite the fact that if he ever does get the job, every time he stands up or paces the sideline, dozens of fans will be unable to see the game and possibly become unruly. Anyway, here’s the Orlando Sentinel blog (Brian Schmitz):

Q: You’ve said that it seems to take big men longer to land head coaching jobs. How long will you chase this dream?

Patrick Ewing: Hopefully, I’ll get a fair chance. I have a year left on my contract here (with the Magic). I’ll keep doing it until I don’t feel I’m getting a fair shot. Then I’ll mosey into the sunset and do something else.

I can’t say he is or is not one of those next in line guys. I haven’t heard that he was close to getting a head coaching job yet. He may have to stick with being an assistant a bit longer than he may want.

– Jeff