If Allan Houston truly is attempting another comeback, as New York Newsday today reports, I don’t see why the Knicks make any sense for him. Considering his age and how long he’s been out of the league, at this point the best H20 could be is a poor man’s version of what he was before, and not contribute much more than nailing open outside shots.

Even in his prime, back in the 1920’s, perimeter shooting was the only truly exceptional aspect of Houston’s game.

If he’s going to join a team in 2008-09 he should join a winning team who can use a gunner for a few minutes off the bench to come in, shoot two or three 3-pointers, hit one or two of them and sit down. The Knicks are a team of the future. They need to worry about finding a legit superstar or two to build around and don’t need a player like Houston now.

Still, all the best to H20. I liked him a lot in his prime and hope he does find what he’s looking for now.