Sacramento Kings shooting guard Kevin Martin, the best player on his team now that Ron Artest has been traded, is already a scoring machine, averaging 23.7 points last season on good shooting, but adding strength would help his development. Fortunately, that’s been his summer focus. Here’s the Sacramento Bee (Sam Amick):

Kevin Martin looks ready for the regular season. Physically, his once-fragile frame took yet another offseason step toward sturdy. His game that already taken historical steps in terms of statistical progress should be refined, with an emphasis this summer on everything from strengthening his weak hand on the dribble to playing lower to the floor rather than his penchant for staying upright to improving defensive positioning and awareness to finishing with exclamation point dunks more than ever.

Adding strength while maintaining his quickness will help Martin become a better defender and push him one step closer to becoming a star that can at least partially carry a team.