The Baltimore Sun (Annie Linskey) reports: Baltimore native and three-time NBA champion Sam Cassell said today he plans to become an assistant coach with the Boston Celtics after playing one more season. Cassell, a 38-year-old guard who was part of the Celtics’ title run this year, told a reporter about his plans shortly before speaking at a City Hall news conference. “This is my last year playing with the Celtics,” he said. “Next week, I’ll sign the contract.” After finishing the 2008-09 season, he plans to exercise an option to join the coaching staff. “I am playing this year,” he said. “After that, I have the option to do coaching for them.” editor says: Cassell has let it be known for years that he planned on becoming a coach after his playing days end, and apparently he’s already got a nice job lined up. I wonder if the team has made him an official offer, or if there’s just a general understanding that the offer will come sometime in the next year. I assume the latter. Anyway, I see Cassell as a successful assistant in terms of helping players develop and being hands-on in making sure they know how to move and what to do on a basketball court. There are lots of players I wouldn’t want as an assistant, but I’d want Cassell. Cool news for the Celtics, assuming this actually materializes.