The Indianapolis Star (Mike Wells) reports: Jamaal Tinsley remains on the roster, but the Pacers have taken steps to distance themselves from the point guard. They’ve removed Tinsley’s nameplate from the locker he used at Conseco Fieldhouse and he is not expected to be at the team’s media day Monday. Jim O’Brien said Tinsley’s situation will not be a distraction. “I don’t see how it’s a distraction,” he said. “I’m just worried about the guys that have uniforms.” editor says: I think opening night for the Pacers at home, after introducing the players the team should place a giant Tinsley blow-up doll at halfcourt. Then, Larry Bird and the rest of the team’s front office staff can kick it. But seriously, I don’t get why the Pacers are handling Tinsley this way. Sure, he’s spent most of his time in Indiana getting injured, and making some mistakes. But when healthy he was pretty solid; worse than most starting point guards but certainly better than almost any PG who comes off a bench. Maybe he tried to rob Bird in the parking lot after a game or something.