The San Francisco Chronicle (Janny Hu) reports: Monta Ellis was riding a moped when he severely injured his left ankle last month in his native Jackson, Miss., sources close to the Warriors guard told The Chronicle on Wednesday. The 22-year-old tore a deltoid ligament in his ankle and sustained a high-ankle sprain in what one of the sources labeled a “low-speed” accident. Ellis underwent surgery Aug. 27 and is expected to be sidelined for at least another two months… Since riding a moped is prohibited under the uniform player contract, the Warriors could move to terminate Ellis’ deal, though such a move seems highly unlikely. A possible punishment for Ellis is a heavy fine or suspension. editor says: Who the hell gets hurt riding a moped? Don’t those things go like 20 miles an hour? What next, Stephen Jackson out for the season due to a tricycle incident? But seriously, the Warriors would only move to terminate Monta’s contract if the injury was going to really mess up his career. If it appears he’ll make a full recovery, they wouldn’t do it. He’s their best young player. As for a fine, if I owned the team, I’d fine him for the full amount of time he’s going to miss. No suspension. The team simply shouldn’t have to pay him if he can’t do his job for reasons due to this injury. And that’s it, move on from there.