The Palm Beach Post reports — Heat first-round draft pick Michael Beasley missed most of Monday’s first practice session after suffering a mild left groin strain. “Just a little sore,” coach Erik Spoelstra said when asked about Beasley’s injury. “Really precautionary. He started practice, did dummy offense and moved around a little.” Beasley was hurt during a five-on-five drill. He watched from the sideline along with fellow forward Udonis Haslem, who is recovering from a foot injury.

The South Florida Sun-Sentile reports — Beasley said he still finds himself deferring to the veterans during drills. “I’m a little hesitant sometimes, because we’ve got guys like Dwyane and Shawn Marion and U.D.,” he said. “But Dwyane told me to play my game, don’t think about nothing, don’t think about too much.”