The News Journal (Martin Frank) reports: Point guard Andre Miller said he likes being with the Sixers and would be open to signing an extension to his contract, which runs out after this season. But Miller, who is due to make $9.9 million, said he isn’t in a hurry to get it done. He recently hired a new agent, Andy Miller (no relation), who will handle all the negotiations. “I want to go on with the season,” Miller said. “It’s kind of tough, because I’ve never been in this position before, so I just take it in stride. The off-court stuff will take of itself. When they come to me and say there’s the possibility of an extension, we’ll talk. Until then, I’ll go out and work.” editor says: Despite having the outside shot about as good as those random fans who get picked for contests during NBA games and appear to have never seen a basketball before, Miller’s an excellent, effective point guard. The Sixers should keep him, but they’ll keep his age in mind in any extension talks.