The Memphis Flyer (Chris Herrington) reports: O.J. Mayo is not to be trifled with. If there was a pattern to responses today — from players and other team personnel, on the record and off — it was this: Mayo has an intensity, swagger, and work ethic that is highly unusual for a rookie. When Mike Conley was asked if he thought Mayo might struggle to make a big splash on the team as a rookie — since Conley himself and Rudy Gay both struggled their rookie seasons — Conley smiled and said, “O.J.’s a different guy. He has the swagger right now. It doesn’t matter with him [that he’s a rookie]. Further testimonials continued from a number of non-player team insiders. One said that after Mayo’s team lost in an unofficial pick-up game last week, Mayo spent the next day stewing about it, a story Mayo himself confirmed. This source also said Mayo has been “making everything” in recent team pick-up games. editor says: Mayo sounds like me when I dominate summer pickup games and destroy NBA All-Stars on a regular basis. Go ahead, name your five favorite players. Chances are, I’ve made at least two of them shed tears on the court. Though, there’s an even better chance I’m making this up. Yeah, go with the latter.