NY Newsday reports: Talk around the Garden is that Eddy Curry has guaranteed a Knicks victory over the Pacers tonight. I don’t know who he said this to, but it had to have happened before I spoke with him. Curry never mentioned the Pacers when I talked to him this morning at the shoot-around, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t say it to another reporter.
The Pacers locker room was a-buzz with Curry’s apparent prediction.

InsideHoops.com update:

No, Eddy Curry did NOT make any sort of guarantee that the Knicks would beat the Pacers in New York today.

Apparently, what happened is, a Knicks beat writer JOKED to another reporter that Curry made a guarantee earlier today. Some eavesdropping media member or two heard it and word somehow spread, even reaching the Pacers before the game, who didn’t know it was a joke.