The Atlanta Journal Constitution (Sekou K Smith) blogs the following, about the Hawks:

Part of me could see the wisdom in adding a nasty veteran defender like Ruben Patterson, a grimy dude that can guard the other team’s best perimeter scorer and also get buckets when he feels like it. A guy with that skill set could be the missing link for a wanna-be playoff team. But that would mean creating a roster spot (somebody would have to be traded or cut to make room). Then again, why tinker with what has the makings of one of the most exciting and versatile young teams in the league. Even the Hawks’ most consistent critics have admitted that the Utah game showcased a team with the ingredients to be something special in time. How much time? That’s the kicker. You just don’t know how long it’s going to take for it all to come together.

Atlanta is doing better than expected this season, especially considering rookie Acie Law hasn’t contributed much yet, and Joe Johnson hasn’t shot well this season.