Suns on 13-game losing streak

Here’s the Arizona Republic reporting on the 14-44 Phoenix Suns, who now have the third worst record in the league, ahead of the Lakers (11-48) and Sixers (8-49):

The Suns did not lose by 40 points again on Thursday night, but saying that is an improvement is like saying this season is better than the inaugural Suns team’s 16-66 campaign.

It is all relative.

Getting dominated for most of Thursday’s game by a formerly equally bad Brooklyn team at home in a 116-106 loss is arguably as bad as Monday’s third-worst rout in franchise history to a good Los Angeles Clippers team on the road.

The latest embarrassing Suns loss was also historic because it gave Phoenix a 13-game losing streak, matching the franchise’s single-season record from 1996. That one ended with a home win against the Nets. Not this time.

The Suns can still tie the franchise record for an overall losing streak Saturday against Memphis because that 1996-97 Suns team opened the season 0-13 and lost the previous season’s finale for 14 in a row.

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