Darius Miles has bankruptcy sale

Former NBA player Darius Miles made a ton of money in his career — tens of millions of dollars.

Now he’s reportedly selling things like waffle irons to round up enough cash to make ends meet and pay off debts.

Blowing over $60 million (before taxes, fees, expenses, etc — but still) sounds tough. But Miles made it happen.

According to TMZ Sports, here are some of the items Darius sold off:

– LeBron James signed jersey ($1,500)
– Larry Bird signed jersey ($100)
– AR15 firearm ($500)
– Beretta Cx4 Storm gun ($400)
– Self-contained karaoke machine ($75)
– Dirk Nowitzki signed shoe ($375)
– Lamar Odom signed shoe ($225)
– 5 VHS players (total of $21.50)

The other big question that needs to be asked: Why is the signed LeBron jersey so much more valuable than the signed Bird jersey?

And, what will be the first tapes played on those VCRs? Whoever bought them must have some old tapes they’ve been waiting to watch for a while. I’d like to know what they are. This question may remain unanswered, however. Them’s the breaks.