Look. This whole Big Baller Brand thing is just fun. It’s blown up. It’s famous. Everybody knows about it. Talking about it doesn’t hurt. It’s out there, and we’le keep watching. We still haven’t worn the shoes, though, so we can’t confirm they’re any good just yet. Anyway, here’s ESPN.com reporting the latest on which shoes Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball may be wearing in the season opener and beyond:

Lonzo Ball shoes

Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball said he is still deliberating on whether he will wear other shoe brands in addition to his Big Baller Brand this season like he did when he created a stir at the Las Vegas Summer League.

“Who knows,” Ball said when asked if he will wear other brands such as Nike and Adidas during his rookie season. “Probably my shoes, though, thinking about it right now.

“I’ll definitely be in my shoes the first game and then just go from there.”

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