Last season it felt like Russell Westbrook was the lone big difference-maker on his entire Thunder team. But now? If he looks left, Carmelo Anthony is there. To his right? Paul George. Now, surely you’re saying, “Hey InsideHoops, what if Melo and Paul George switch places?” Well then, you’re right. Westbrook will have to look different directions to see those dudes. But they’re still be there. Because they’re his teammates now. Quit trying to derail the point. Anyway, as for Westbrook’s future with OKC, here’s the Norman Transcript reporting:

Russell Westbrook looked like he was about to evade a question regarding his unsigned extension before coming back around to answering — kind of.

“Like I said before, man, this is a place I want to be,” Westbrook said at Oklahoma City Thunder media day. “I love being here. I’m excited about the season, obviously, with a lot of new changes.”

The Thunder offered Westbrook a five-year extension worth more than $200 million July 1. It would kick in for the start of the 2018-19 season and go through 2022-23. He still hasn’t signed it. Monday offered the first chance for him to comment on the situation since general manager Sam Presti officially placed the offer in front of him.

Westbrook has until Oct. 16 to sign the extension. If he doesn’t finalize it by then, he can become a free agent this summer along with fellow Thunder stars Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. And his reason for not inking the deal so far seems to be merely that he’s been busy.

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