There is nothing ordinary about the Golden State Warriors. They’re loaded with talent, versatility, and have too many strengths to mention. We don’t usually hear guards talking about their blocks per game average, but Klay Thompson is no ordinary player. Here’s the San Francisco Chronicle reporting:

To stay fresh during the grind of an NBA season, Warriors guard Klay Thompson eyes a series of personal goals. Thompson revealed Monday after shoot-around that membership in the ultra-exclusive 50-40-90 club isn’t his only individual objective this season.

“I’m trying to average one block a game,” Thompson said. “For a shooting guard, that’d be really good.” Arguably one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, Thompson’s offensive prowess often overshadows the fact that he is an elite defender. His blend of stamina, size and unyielding will has made him a daunting on-ball matchup for everyone from LeBron James to Russell Westbrook. Now, 10 games into the season, Thompson is on pace to have a career-high 0.9 blocks per game.

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