A healthy Jason Williams could help the Rockets a little, but that’s not a real solution. The main problem with the Rockets is that Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, great individual players, don’t seem to be raising the level of play of their teammates and aren’t working particularly well together. J-Will, if healthy, would help a little but that’s not a real fix. The thing is, I’m not sure what the real fix is, either. Maybe just more time? Give them another money to adapt to new coach Rick Adelman, maybe… Larry Hughes, if healthy, should be a team’s third or fourth best player. Probably fourth. If he’s your second best player, that’s simply too much for him. He can be good. But he isn’t great… Now, put an Andre Miller on the Cavs and I bet Hughes gets better shots, and winds up making more of them. Though, ideally the Cavs would add a PG like Miller but one who can also hit threes, stretching the floor and opening a bit so Hughes can slash… The Bulls don’t want to give up on Scott Skiles, especially because it’s really the players’ fault, not his… The Knicks need play David Lee alongside Zach Randolph, and David Lee alongside Eddy Curry, and keep Curry and Randolph on the floor at separate times… Robert Swift scares babies… Kobe Bryant’s display against the Knicks was awesome. He scores even when the defender does a good job. This isn’t news, of course… It’s too early to write Andrea Bargnani off. His second year has been disappointing, but it’s still just his second year. I’ll start judging his career in about two seasons. Until then he’s till a promising guy who is 7 feet tall but shoots like a SG.

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