The Knicks now have several young point guards. How will the minutes situation play out? Will be interesting to watch in the coming weeks. Here’s the New York Post reporting:

Knicks general manager Scott Perry said the addition of young point guard Emmanuel Mudiay is part of their “talent acquisition phase’’ and has no reflection on any disappointment with their struggling rookie lottery point guard Frank Ntilikina.

Thursday’s trade with the Nuggets for Mudiay, 21, a former lottery pick himself in 2015, gives the Knicks four point guards — including three lottery picks 25-and-under. Perry said the move would have been made regardless of Kristaps Porzingis’ catastrophic ACL tear that jeopardizes next season, too.

“A former lottery pick was available and he adds ingredients to our roster that can be very helpful,’’ Perry said in a Friday conference call to discuss the trade-deadline acquisition. “I envision them competing with one another and alongside one another. I’ve discussed the importance of adding more athleticism and ball-handling to the team. It will help each one of these guys. I’m excited how it manifests itself on the court. There’s some promising options.”

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