After seeing Andrew Bynum several times over the last week and a half, including once live, I understand why some still feel he’s got star, possibly superstar potential. He’s still got a ton of development and game refining to do, however… Word is, Gordan Giricek has locked himself in a room with no phone and is just surfing 18 hours a day, rocking back and forth while muttering stuff under his breath about Jerry Sloan, being a good defender, and how great is. Or, I could be making that up… The Bulls coaching job, at least for the rest of the season, appears to be Jim Boylan’s to lose. Better to keep someone from the current staff who knows the player strengths and weaknesses than bringing in someone new… Scott Skiles was fired because the team was losing but also because he and many key players weren’t getting along. It was simply time to move on… Jason Williams feels like a prostitute. I definitely feel badly for him. The dude has a rough life. I know that very few readers would quit their current jobs for an opportunity to make millions of dollars being a famous sports star… Eddy Curry is a nice guy who appears to lack killer instinct. He’s also extremely big, and it’s hard for him to become as quick, agile and explosive as people want him to be. He can leap if there’s room to leap, but otherwise, he’s just a really huge dude blessed with size but not too much else… Stephon Marbury sure is taking a very long time to return to the court… Inglewood, up to no good.

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