The Mavs won just 24 games last season. But then they added veteran center DeAndre Jordan and drafted a very experienced rookie in Luka Doncic. Interesting moves for a team that could have headed towards a total rebuild. The core of the team right now includes Dennis Smith Jr, Wesley Matthews, Harrison Barnes, Jordan, and if he pans out, Doncic. And old Dirk Nowitzki, riding out his legendary career. As for Matthews, here’s the Dallas Morning News examining his present and possible future:

The iron man reputation may have caught up with Matthews a little last season. But he’s still expected to be a 30-minute-plus heavy lifter. His job as a spot-up 3-point maker won’t change. But the intriguing thing about this season is that the combination of him fronting perimeter scorers with DeAndre Jordan waiting to protect the rim should only make the Mavericks’ defense, which wasn’t terrible last season, even stronger. Another consideration for this season: Matthews is certain to be a source of periodic trade speculation because of his expiring contract and the fact that he can shoot the ball. Those are two commodities that contending teams can always use.

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