Stan Van Gundy knows coaching. Sure, he probably knows other things, too. He can walk around. He can do this and that. He probably knows how to do the things you or I do. But he definitely also knows NBA coaching, and may seek a return to those ranks. Here’s the Detroit Free Press with an in-depth update:

Stan Van Gundy may want to return to coaching

Stan Van Gundy is enjoying life.

In the spring, he took his wife, Kim, on a European vacation, their first as a couple.

Last month, Kim gifted him with birthday tickets to the Fox Theater where they grooved to the sounds of Gladys Knight and the O’Jays.

The next day, he played fetch with family dogs, Opie and Eastwood, in the backyard of his lakefront home in Clarkston. Later, he was a picture of comfort inside as the dogs slumbered, worn out from playing on the warm August day.

It’s clear the former Detroit Pistons coach doesn’t have to work another day the rest of his life. A comfortable retirement where he works at his leisure awaits – if he wants it.

But with his May firing still fresh, he’s not sure he wants comfort.

He thinks he might want to coach again.

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