Knicks, like all teams, adjusting to new health safety standards in wake of coronavirus

Like pro sports teams across the country and world, players on the Knicks are adapting to new safety standards to protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s the New York Post:

With the NBA closing locker rooms to the media before and after games and the threat of fan-less contests, the Knicks are making their adjustments.

No high-fives during practices and games, just elbow and forearm bumps. And the club is “rationing” hand sanitizer, according to forward Taj Gibson.

A Knicks spokesman said there’s plenty of sanitizer for the players, but some are trying to stock up sanitizer for their families.

“No fist-bumps,’’ Knicks veteran Gibson said. “Always do it with your elbow. Any little movement, you’re touching the ball, you got to cleanse, you got to wash your hands. (We) ran out of hand sanitizer. It’s insane. But you do what you got to do.”

In some other countries, some sporting events are being played without fans in the stands. It’ll be interesting to see what leagues here in the United States choose to do there. Discussions are ongoing.

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