Celtics coach discusses possibility of playing NBA games with no fans in arena

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many sports teams in various countries around the world are playing games, but with no fans in attendance. As a health safety precaution. All sports fans should consider the very real possibility that other leagues are pondering this option as well. As for the NBA? Here’s the Indianapolis Star reporting:

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens isn’t in favor of playing in front of empty arenas, saying it’s “counterintuitive” to play games without fans.

“Nobody wants to play without fans,” he said before the Celtics played the Pacers on Tuesday night. “That would be really too bad. But totally understand if those decisions are made … This thing is built on people liking it. The reason why we are where we are, and get a chance to do this for a living, and make a good living, is people are interested in it.”

Gordon Hayward, the Brownsburg alum who plays for the Celtics, said players aren’t taking precautions beyond those health officials recommend for the general public — common sense and cleanliness — but he said the situation is “certainly concerning.”

As Celtics coach Stevens said, he understands if it’s necessary. But hopes it can be avoided. Same with us. Same with everybody.

But if we were given a choice of games not being played, or being played safely with almost nobody else in the building and fans all forced to watch on TV at home, the latter is certainly preferable to the former.

Author: Inside Hoops

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