Pelicans, the final road team on last night’s schedule, head home

Yesterday, in news that materialized very quickly, the NBA season was put on hold, after the conclusion of last night’s games. And the final game on the schedule, start time-wise, was a Pelicans vs Kings matchup in Sacramento that wound up not being played. Here’s the New Orleans Times Picayune reporting:

The New Orleans-Sacramento matchup was supposed to be the final game before the NBA’s indefinite suspension kicked in, but the Pelicans had concerns about referee Courtney Kirkland, who had officiated one of Gobert’s games two days earlier. They remained in their locker room during warmups, and just as the game was about to start, the NBA decided to cancel the game.

They headed to the bus, had a meal and then eventually boarded a flight, which arrived in New Orleans a little after 5 a.m.

In a statement, the Pelicans announced they support the NBA’s decision to suspend the season and that they are working with health officials outside the organization to figure out the best course of action to deal with the coronavirus.

While we’re now in a waiting period for the NBA to resume — and that will take at least 30 days, if not more — we’ll keep posting fun basketball content each day. Some coronavirus-related items, because unfortunately that’s necessary, but mostly fun bball stuff, as usual.

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