Pacers reportedly taking measured approach to coronavirus

The coronavirus updates continue, now with the Pacers. The team hasn’t issued a statement. They have no reason to, yet.

Here’s the Indianapolis Star:

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart revealed Thursday night that he has tested positive the coronavirus, or COVID-19. The Indiana Pacers’ last regular-season game before the league suspended operations was a March 3 home loss to the Celtics.

But the Indiana Pacers aren’t getting their players tested unless they have symptoms, a league source tells IndyStar, given the limited number of tests available.

The team had been giving daily checkups to players since the outbreak but they’ve dispersed during the hiatus.

The players are probably under self-quarantine, in which case it is perfectly responsible for them to stay at home and avoid contact with others, while hopefully not experiencing any symptoms.

Here’s to hoping the number of players, and of course people everywhere, begins to level off.

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