Kings 2020 NBA draft glance

Here’s the Sacramento Bee with a glance at the 2020 NBA draft, currently scheduled for June 25 but subject to change due to the global coronavirus pandemic, with the Kings in mind:

The Sacramento Kings have a lot to consider between now and the 2020 NBA draft. Questions are more plentiful than ever with the season on hold, including where the team’s first selection will end up.

It appears Sacramento’s first-round pick will be in the lottery. The exact position of the draft slot would be determined by chance. All teams that fail to make the playoffs will have a shot at picking at the top of the draft, with the best odds going to the teams with the worst records.

As it stands, Sacramento would have a 1.3 percent chance at the first overall pick and a 6.2 percent chance of landing in the top four. It’s also possible the teams behind the Kings in the standings could jump into the top four, bumping Sacramento down. The current chance the Kings pick 13th is 7.6 percent and the chance they fall to 14th is about 0.1 percent.

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