Magic forward Gary Clark knows fishing

Orlando Magic forward Gary Clark obviously knows basketball. But when it’s time to go fishing, he’s ready to shine. Here’s the Orlando Sentinel reporting:

Clark said he recently caught his biggest bass ever during the coronavirus shutdown.

“It was actually during quarantine, I was at my grandpa’s house and I caught like an 8½-pound bass,” Clark said of the fish he caught in Angier, N.C. “It’s in my freezer right now, still waiting for it to get mounted.”

His grandparents have some land near Angier and he likes to fish on their property whenever he gets a chance.

“[During quarantine] I’d go down there every weekend to see my grandpa and my grandmother,” said Clark, who lives near Wake Forest University. “It’s about 40 minutes from Raleigh. … They have a pond on their land where they live on and nobody’s ever fished it because it’s private property.

“The fish after that, I had, I was actually scared of what was on the other end of the line because it was pulling so hard. It was one of those moments when I was like, ‘Is this a beaver or what’s going on?’ … I was terrified. It had to be bigger than my 8½-pound bass, but I lost it right at the bank.”

Enjoy the fishing content while you can. Because by next week, the main focus at the Disney NBA restart campus will be team scrimmages. And in just 1.5 weeks, actual real game action will resume.

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