Jeremy Lamb with Pacers in Orlando but still not playing until next season

The Pacers won’t have the services of Jeremy Lamb until next season, but he is in Orlando, working out as he heals from serious injury. Here’s the Indianapolis Star reporting:

When the rest of the team was locked out, the St. Vincent Center was open to Jeremy Lamb. Because of his rehab after suffering a torn ACL in his left knee, Lamb was allowed access to the practice facility as he continued to work through his injury recovery.

Lamb suffered his knee injury Feb. 23. Just over two weeks later the NBA shut down its season. When basketball stopped for Lamb, so did it for the rest of the world. But for Lamb, he was progressing as he normally would.

“Because basketball had been postponed, no restaurants, nothing was open,” Lamb said. “So yeah, that definitely helped me kind of keep my mind off things rather than just sitting in the house, feeling down.”

Lamb, who is with the team in Orlando, continues to progress with his knee on the sidelines of Pacers practices. Lamb said he can take one-dribble jumpers, finish at the rim and make some cuts, but during practice he’s relegated mostly to the role of rebounder and passer if the team needs an extra one.

At 39-26, the Pacers are tied with the Sixers for the 5th best record in the Eastern conference.

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