The AP reports: The NBA has suspended Steve Nash and Matt Barnes of Phoenix and Rafer Alston of Houston for their roles in a fight. Alston and Barnes were suspended for two games without pay and Nash for one. The league also fined Shaquille O’Neal $35,000 and Tracy McGrady $25,000 on Friday for their actions during the Rockets’ 94-82 win in Phoenix on Wednesday.

The Arizona Republic (Paul Coro) reports: The scuffle broke out in the final seconds of Wednesday’s third quarter, just as Houston opened its biggest lead of 19 on a McGrady 3-pointer. On the shot, Alston set a high screen on Barnes, who lowered his shoulder hard into Alston. After the shot went in, Alston ran up on Barnes, prompting Nash to race from several feet away toward Alston and Barnes. Once he got close, McGrady shoved him to the ground and more players came to the scene with O’Neal shoving McGrady to the ground and pushing Alston and Yao Ming.

The Arizona Republic (Paul Coro) reports: “It’s just overblown,” Barnes said. “They went above and beyond the call of duty here. They didn’t call a foul in my situation. We got in a little pushing match and I get suspended for two games? Rafer gets two games and Rafer threw two punches at Steve. Basically, what they’re saying is you might as well throw two punches because you got the same suspension as someone who threw two punches. Steve comes and tries to break it up and gets thrown to the ground and he gets suspended and T-Mac (McGrady) doesn’t get anything. Ridiculous.”

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