Heat guard Goran Dragic did not like initial idea of coming off bench when season began

Miami Heat veteran guard Goran Dragic had an excellent season as a super-sub off the bench, then wound up starting for the Heat in the 2020 NBA playoffs, but missed much of the Finals against the Lakers due to injury. Here’s the Sun Sentinel reporting the 34-year-old’s words:

“I don’t feel old, if I’m honest,” he said. “But it does affect you in a good way, when they say you’re old, because then I want to prove, ‘Yeah, OK, you can say that I’m old, but I can still play basketball.’ ”

He paused and laughed.

“I do have to admit, in my case it doesn’t help this gray hair that I have,” he said. “But 30, 40 is just a number.” …

“At the beginning of this season, it was really tough for me, when Spo told me, ‘G, you’re going to come from the bench,’ ” he related. “You know, it was not easy. I was in shock. I was angry. And that was sad. I was sad.

“Then, I looked at this, ‘OK, you can do two things: I can go against Spo and prove you were wrong, ‘I should play more minutes.’ Or I can just give in and get the best out of this situation.’ “

Goran is a free agent this summer. On a list of teams he may play for next season, the Heat should be considered the favorites.

Author: Inside Hoops

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