Great news that TJ Ford is going to be OK and will resume his basketball career sometime in the near future. Not that there was specific reason to doubt he’d return, other than remembering how serious his past injury situation was. He really needs to stop this getting hurt nonsense. Or next time just sprain a finger or lightly twist an ankle or something.

Isiah Thomas saying this team should head for a championship is ridiculous and it impresses me that none of the reporters there to hear it burst out laughing. Does Isiah really believe what he’s saying, or was he told to say it by ownership? Maybe that’s part of his contract, having to say what owners tell him, no matter how silly it is. Does Isiah read the papers? If so he’d see that literally every single reporter who heard the comments mocked how ridiculous it is to say that stuff.

As the Feb. 21 trade deadline approaches this rumors page will become even more interesting than it already is, and that’s saying a lot. But once the deadline passes we’ll still be a must-read page. The tone merely changes a bit.

Damon Stoudamire probably only has a few seasons left in his career, which I guess is why he and his agent want him moved as quickly as possible. If he just rides this one out, his next contract may be for the league minimum for a player with his experience. But if he gets traded and gets minutes somewhere, he stil has a shot at getting something higher than the minimum. He’s already 34. Most point guards are washed up right around 35 or so.

Who is the better defensive stopper at this point, Ben Wallace or Chris Kaman? Only answer if you’ve seen at least four Clippers and four Bulls games this season.

So it turns out that former Magic coach Brian Hill was right about almost every aspect of the team. Does that mean he gets his job back? No need, because Stan Van Gundy appears to have as good a grasp on the situation.

Speaking of giving coaches their job back, maybe the Rockets should bring Jeff Van Gundy back. It won’t happen, obviously. But I hope Van Gundy stays on television, where he’s terrific to listen to.

At this rate, the Nets will move to Brooklyn right around the time T.J. Kidd (Jason Kidd’s son) has a grandson declaring for the Draft.

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