Golden State Warriors shooting guard Marco Belinelli hasn’t gotten many minutes yet in his short NBA career, and with the Warriors roster there’s no guarantee it’ll happen anytime soon. So he’ll be pretty rested up by the time international summer play arrives. But he isn’t sure of his plans yet. reports:

Marco Belinelli would like to play for Italy next summer when they attempt to reach EuroBasket 2009 via the Additional Qualifying Round but he can’t commit to the national team yet. The 22-year-old is in his second NBA season with the Golden State Warriors and his focus is on getting his career off the ground in America - something that has yet to happen. “It´s early days yet to confirm,” he said. “I would like to be there but I don´t know what my future will be in June.

I like seeing non-star NBA players in international competition. It lets us see a side of them we don’t normally see. I prefer that NBA stars sit out, because I want them to stay healthy and already know what they can do. I like seeing new stuff. If Belinelli plays for Italy, it makes me want to see them. So, hopefully he’s involved.

– editor Jeff Lenchiner