Sun Yue makes debut

Los Angeles Lakers rookie Sun Yue, also known as “the Chinese Magic Johnson” because he happens to be a tall point guard (and Chinese), got his first NBA regular season minutes late Sunday night in garbage-time as the Lakers were blowing out the Milwaukee Bucks.

He’s committing foul after foul. But then, daylight.

With around 90 seconds left in the game, Sun Yue passed the basketball to Chris Mihm at the right corner, just inside the three-point line. Mihm caught the pass, handed the ball back to a cutting Yue and set a pick. Yue then pulled up for a contested, high-arc jumper over Bucks center Francisco Elson. The shot hit nothing but net, exciting the fans still remaining in the stands.

A play later, Sasha Vujacic fired a nice long bounce-pass to a cutting Yue for an open layup.

Next play, Yue got a bit carried away, and drove into a pair of defenders, getting called for an offensive foul.

Mihm, meanwhile, got to get some aggression out with a hard slam dunk.

That’ll due it. The Lakers win 105-92. Yue played over 5 minutes, finishing 2-for-3 for 4 points, 4 fouls and 2 turnovers.

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