The Hornets were getting low attendance before Katrina messed the city up, and even fewer fans have been going to home games since the team returned. And it may turn out that the lack of home fan support may result in the team being allowed to leave, this time probably for good. The Boston Globe (Marc Spears) reports:

The Boston Globe has learned that the New Orleans Hornets are expected to announce today that if they don’t average close to 15,000 fans in home games starting with tonight’s contest against the Los Angeles Lakers through all home games until February of 2009, the franchise will be allowed out of their lease with the New Orleans Arena by the State of Louisiana, according to an NBA source.

I hate to say it, but if I owned the Hornets, I’d definitely want to move the team elsewhere. Ideally they’d have stayed in Oklahoma City. I feel badly for the fans in the city that are going to games and supporting the team. I wish there were more of you. But it seems like there aren’t.