Stephen Curry has a good memory

Steph Curry has a good memory. Via the San Francisco Chronicle:

Earlier in the NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry called himself “the petty king” in reference to him wearing a T-shirt mocking a Boston bar that insulted his wife Ayesha’s cooking prowess.

“I know all about everything and I use it as entertainment and have fun with it,” Curry said.

After clinching the NBA Finals Thursday night — and winning his first-ever Finals MVP in the process — Curry made sure to use his knowledge of “everything” to settle several scores.

The Boston bar that put up signage and sold T-shirts with the phrase “Ayesha Curry can’t cook” was predictably on Curry’s list of targets: the Dubs star posed for a picture with one of the shirts along with his Finals MVP trophy. “Bye Boston,” he wrote in a caption on Instagram.

The article goes on to review Steph’s reaction to what various sports commentators predicted for him.

Safe to say, for Steph, yesterday was a pretty great day.

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