Sixers set three-point goal

The Philadelphia 76ers are awful at hitting three-pointers. They’re currently tied with the Washington Wizards for the lowest three-point shooting percentage in the league at 30.3%. There are probably fans in the stands who have never touched a basketball that, on a good day, might be able to match that.

OK, not really.

Still, the Sixers brick from outside, and their coach is taking what little action he can.

The Philadelphia Inquirer (Kate Fagan) reports:

After Tuesday’s win over the Houston Rockets, 76ers interim coach Tony DiLeo said he set a three-point goal for each game. DiLeo would not share that goal, saying he wanted to keep it within the locker room. His team, though, was unaware of the information’s classified nature. Before last night’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks, players spoke. “Make at least five a game,” Lou Williams said. “That goal is out there; he gave it to us last night.” The Sixers guard continued: “We have guys that are comfortable with that shot, but we’re more comfortable making plays to the rim. It’s our Achilles’ heel.”

Chances are, little will change. Andre Miller, Andre Iguodala and Louis Williams are lousy from outside. And that’s partially why Elton Brand hasn’t fit in as well as hoped, because he draws attention inside, but defenders can sag off the outside shooters more than they can against other teams.

The Sixers will simply have to work around this, somehow. Or make roster changes.

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