Recently, Isiah Thomas said the NBA is geared toward smaller, quicker teams.   Thomas, with a propensity for going against the grain, decided it was prudent to team Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry.  Thomas’ statement seems to contradict his logic, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Randolph’s acquisition has defied expectations.


More on Curry and Randolph.  It seems to me that there is only one tangible resolution for working these two in the line-up.  Play them separately, and have D Lee on the floor with Curry to protect the boards.  It is clear that Randolph and Curry each need the ball to be effective.  While neither one passes particularly well, at least they’ll both be interested parties instead of watching what the other will do.


I asked Thomas two questions over the last two pre-game conferences, and each question was promptly rejected by the coach.  On Friday, vs. the Raptors, I wondered [aloud] if he has any intentions of playing Wilson Chandler or Randolph Morris any time soon.  I thought it was a fair question. 

“Not right now,” Thomas said without much thought. 

After all, Thomas did tout these kids as 1A and 1B among his draft picks.  With the Knicks currently at 10-26, and not on the playoff map, wouldn’t he want to know if these guys can play?  

If they haven’t shown much during practice, it could be because some athletes are just better ’game’ players than ‘practice’ players.  So, why not give ‘em some playing time?  There is absolutely nothing to lose -aside from more games, which the Knicks will more than likely do anyway. 

Same ol’ story.  The guy with the big contract will usually get the big minutes.  If Thomas feels obligated to play the guy who makes more, that’s certainly his perrogative.  

But, keep in mind, that during Lee’s breakout season [2006-07], he was the second lowest paid player on the Knicks.


The other question was asked yesterday, before the tip vs. the Pistons. 

“Have you regretted any moves in assembling this present roster?

“We can talk about that in the summer,” Thomas replied.  “Not tonight.”

I’ll be there to ask the question again.  But, will he be there to answer?