NewsWire — This is official word on Denver Nuggets forward Nenê: He underwent successful surgery to remove a testicular tumor yesterday. Results of a biopsy to determine the presence of cancer are pending.

A right testicular mass was found incidentally and it was managed surgically,” said Dr. Fernando J. Kim, Chief of Urology at Denver Health Medical Center. Nenê is recovering well and in good condition.

“I want to thank my fans, my teammates, the Nuggets organization and everyone that’s been supporting me,” said Nenê. “My victory will represent their victory as well. Thanks for being with me in this moment. I will remember all the appreciation. I thank God that we could detect this at such an early stage.”

Last week, an examination by team physician Dr. Saurabh Mangalik revealed the presence of a tumor. Nenê then consulted with Dr. Kim, a graduate of the University of São Paolo School of Medicine in Nenê’s home country of Brazil, who performed the surgery.

As a cancer survivor and someone who has watched his son go through two cancer-related surgeries, I know firsthand the emotions and fears that you feel when someone says you might have it,” said Nuggets Head Coach George Karl. “Our job now is to support Nenê and be there for him as a family. Basketball is at the bottom of the totem poll at a time like this. We just want him to get healthy.”

On Jan. 11, the Nuggets announced Nenê would take an indefinite leave of absence from the team. There remains no timeline for his return.

Everyone at wishes him the best.