The Boston Globe (Marc Spears) reports: Playing with the likes of Chauncey Billups (acquired from Detroit Nov. 3), a healthy Nene, a healthy Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, and Linas Kleiza, Carmelo Anthony doesn’t feel the pressure to carry the scoring load anymore. “Scoring will never be an issue as long as I play basketball,” Anthony said. “But it was just like, ‘What else are you going to do? Are you going to come out and average 7-8 rebounds or 3-4 assists? Are you going to make everybody better?’ “And when Chauncey came, it was like we have the type of team where I don’t have to score 25 and 30 points on a night-in and night-out basis. I’m at 20 points, 23 points and I feel better and feel like it’s one of my best seasons so far.”