D-Wade may get into entertainment, specifically acting and/or producing, in the future. Here’s Sports Business Journal reporting:

The William Morris Agency has signed NBA star Dwyane Wade for marketing work — including representing him in international endorsements surrounding the Beijing Olympics — and for entertainment work, including possibly acting and producing.

“It is a really big deal for us,” said WMA President Dave Wirtschafter, who will head up the team of agents representing Wade at the Hollywood talent agency. “In addition to being a superstar on the court, Dwyane radiates a charisma and accessibility that resonates with audiences across all areas of entertainment.”

Henry Thomas, Wade’s on-the-court agent and head of basketball at sports management and marketing firm CSMG, will continue to represent Wade, and CSMG will work in a partnership with WMA on marketing deals for Wade.

Wade has bigger issues to worry about first, however, Like getting healthy, helping the awful Heat win some games, and getting into Charles Barkley’s Five.