Deron Williams: Still not an All-Star

The Deseret News (Brad Rock) reports: The Jazz enter another All-Star break, today, happy to rest their aching bones. For guard Deron Williams, among others, it’s a much-needed respite from the grappling and shouldering that occurs on an everyday basis. Not that he’s glad about being sidelined. Actually, he’s ticked. At least he played that way in Wednesday night’s 113-109 win over the Lakers. Now in his fourth season, things haven’t gone according to plan. He’s still not an All-Star. First year, he rode the bench in the early season. No chance there. But the second, third and fourth years he didn’t get selected, either… In the last five games he scored 35, 34, 34, 31 and 31 points. So he didn’t leave quietly. The All-Star voters can just wonder what they’ve done while checking out Wednesday night’s box score.

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